Share in the making of the next documentary...KCDS is dedicated to recording the hidden history of the African Americans in Silicon Valley.

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967 Sundance Dr
Fremont, CA, 94539
United States


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KCdigitalstoryteller and her team are seeking support from those that wish to include blacks in computer history. Help her bring black history to digital life.

Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

KCDigitalstoryteller is embarking on the creation of a documentary about the young people that followed in the footsteps of the African American pioneers. The purpose of this documentary is to bring to the forefront the continuation of the hidden history of those African Americans that came to settle and thrive in silicon valley. Many worked as engineers and technologists and others created companies of their own. Their stories must be told.

The next project will tell the stories of those that came after the pioneers and found success in the many companies their forebears helped to reach financial and technical success.

In order to ensure that the documentary be of the finest quality funding for this next endeavor is needed. Your support would enable the work to be equitable with other documentaries. Will you contribute…be part of the effort to enlighten and inform the world about our history? Any amount given to this endeavor will be use 100% in the production of the documentary.