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Cotton's tales--PODCASTS of Silicon Valley African Americans.


KCdigitalstoryteller will hold conversations with African Americans and other people of interest to highlight the ongoing influence and contributions being made in silicon valley and to further explore the world of tech, commerce and creation that is the nature of the silicon valley experience.


Cotton's tales--PODCASTS of Silicon Valley African Americans.

Kathleen Cotton

KCDigitalstoryteller will present podcasts that will introduce you to some of the people that stand on the shoulders of the subjects featured in “A Place at the Table” a Documentary about the African American Pioneers that contributed to the success of silicon valley.

1/8/19 This is a two part podcast. The entire session was 57 minutes long. We decided to break it into two parts. The first part can be heard today and in one week we will present the exciting conclusion to this podcast.

Look for Cotton’s tales for future podcasts.


Chris Cotton

Dev Ops in perspective.

Chris Cotton, Dev Ops Engineer working at Google, relates his beginning experiences in silicon valley, his global experiences and how he evolved into a Dev Ops Engineers currently working in silicon Valley. Chris has worked in Africa, Europe, Singapore, and Hong Kong pursuing his career as a software engineer.