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Black pioneers of computer history. The untold story of blacks in tech

A Place at the table


Black Pioneers in Silicon Valley. Blacks in tech, documentary of African Americans, Blacks in STEM, Computer history, untold stories

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“When you see your image in the past, you are assured that you will be part of the future.” Kathy Cotton, CEO

Black Pioneers in Silicon Valley now have a documentary that includes the computer history of an untold story. The hidden history of African Americans is revealed in this 50 minute documentary. Kathy Cotton covers just a fraction of the contributors that actually came to Silicon Valley. There are many stories that need to be told.

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“A place at the table” provides a historical look at the contributions made by Black Pioneers that came to silicon valley. Their work and creativity has been hidden but not forgotten.

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The Black women and men that came to silicon valley were problem solvers not celebrity seekers. A Place at the Table introduces a small segment of the history that should be shared with everyone.